Frequently Asked Questions

When will the questions for the 4th edition of Pass CCRN! be available on the Elsevier Evolve website?

While there was a delay in getting the practice questions for the 4th edition of Pass CCRN! up on the Elsevier Evolve website, THEY ARE UP NOW! Thanks so much for your patience.

I would like to attend a CCRN review taught by Robin Dennison. When will she be teaching a review near my town?

All scheduled courses are listed on Robin’s calendar. If you do not see a course there that is close to you, check back later. Dr. Dennison contracts with hospitals, colleges, universities, and professional organizations to teach courses. If you are interested in having her teach a course for your local institution, complete the form on the CCRN Review page to receive pricing information and date availability.

What other courses taught by Dr. Dennison are available for in-house presentation?

Dr. Dennison teaches many different continuing education programs related to critical care nursing. These are described on the CE Programs Available page of this web site. Any of these programs can be adapted to meet your specific needs. To check Dr. Dennison’s availability, Contact Robin via e-mail.

Our group would like Dr. Dennison to teach sessions at a conference that we are scheduling. What topics does she teach? How do we determine her availability?

Conference sessions topics are listed on the Conference Topics page of this web site but other critical care topics can be presented. To check Dr. Dennison’s availability, Contact Robin via e-mail.

Where can I buy the book Pass CCRN! ?

There is a description of the book on the Pass CCRN!: Book page of this web site. If you click HERE to buy the book through Elsevier, you will receive a 20% discount. The book can be purchased online through other online bookstores including Barnes & Noble or Amazon. If you would prefer to buy it at a bookstore, Barnes & Noble stores usually have a copy or two in the store and most bookstores can order it for you.

When will the next edition of Pass CCRN! be available?
The 4th edition of Pass CCRN! was released in January 2013.

Does Pass CCRN! prepare me for the PCCN (progressive care) examination?

The content of the PCCN and CCRN exams are very similar so Pass CCRN! is helpful in preparing for the PCCN exam. Consult www.aacn.org for the complete PCCN bluepring but the primary content areas in Pass CCRN! that are not on the PCCN exam include invasive hemodynamic monitoring, intra-aortic balloon pumps and ventriclar assist devices, invasive neurologic monitoring, and acute mechanical ventilation. Dr. Dennison is currently working on Pass PCCN! which will be published in 2014.

Does Pass CCRN! prepare me for the neonatal or pediatric CCRN examination?

No. The focus of Pass CCRN! is adult critical care.

My CD-ROM won’t work. Can you help?

If you are still having difficulty, call Elsevier at 800-325-4177 for technical support. The practice questions will be web-based for the 4th edition, avoiding these issues.

I have lost (or broken) my Pass CCRN! CD-ROM. Can I purchase it separately?

Call Elsevier at 800-325-4177. The practice questions will be web-based for the 4th edition, avoiding this issue.

Will the Pass CCRN! CD-ROM work with a MacIntosh operating system?

No. The practice questions will be web-based for the 4th edition, avoiding this issue.

Do you guarantee that I will pass the CCRN examination after reading your book or attending your review?

No. No one can guarantee that reading a book or attending a review will ensure that you pass the exam. The CCRN examination is a difficult examination as are the CEN and PCCN examinations. You need a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass these exams. So my advice is: 1) look at every patient situation as a learning experience and be engaged while working 2) study (hopefully Pass CCRN!) before a review 3) attend a review (hopefully Robin’s) and 4) study your personal weak areas that were likely brought to light during the review. Dr. Dennison receives many emails from CCRNs saying that Pass CCRN! was all they used to prepare and that the practice questions were very similar to the exam. Of the nurses who attend Dr. Dennison’s CCRN reviews, the pass rates are over 90% for those nurses who do actually go and take the exam. Compared to the typical ~66% pass rate for first time CCRN candidates, that is an excellent pass rate.