Robin Dennison Presents, Inc. provides faculty services for continuing education programs related to critical care nursing, including certification reviews. Robin Donohoe Dennison, DNP, APRN, CCNS, CEN, CNE, author of the Pass CCRN!, is the primary provider of these services.Dates are available to schedule a CCRN or a CCRN/PCCN Review for your AACN chapter or hospital!

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CCRN Review
is a 2-day continuing education program intended to prepare nurses for the CCRN certification exam. Though Robin is naturally an interactive teacher, this course has recently been redesigned for even more active learning. It is available for local sponsorship by hospitals or professional associations.

This program has been presented throughout the US over the last 20 years and comments from nurses attest to how their attendance aided in their successful performance on the CCRN examination.

A new 3-day CCRN/PCCN Review is also available which provides CCRN and PCCN common content on days 1 and 2 and then CCRN-specific content on Day 3 so that PCCN candidates attend days 1 and 2 while CCRN candidates attend all three days.

Robin’s calendar lists all scheduled and confirmed programs. Registration for these programs is achieved by contacting the sponsor listed on the calendar.

Other continuing education programs related to critical care nursing are also available and they can be adapted for your specific needs. Dates are currently available for sponsorship of CCRN reviews or other continuing education programs. Dr. Dennison is also available to speak at conferences and conventions.

Contact Robin by email at robin@robindennison.com for more information regarding costs and availability. Pass CCRN! is now in the 4th edition and is available through Elsevier with a 20% discount through the link on this page. Both the 2nd and 3rd editions of Pass CCRN! were selected as AJN Book of the Year. Pass CEN! is now available. It is also published by Elsevier and it is also available with a 20% discount through the link on this page. It is also available at most local and web-based bookstores. This book was co-authored by Jill Johnson and Meg Blair. Pass PCCN! will be available in 2014, incorporating the 2013 changes to the PCCN blueprint. It is being co-authored by Lori Catalano.